Pawapuri or Pava is a heavenly site for Jains situated in the Nalanda region in the Bihar condition of Eastern India. It is situated around nineteen kilometers from Rajgir and 101 kilometers from Patna, the capital of Bihar. Amid old times around 2600 year prior, Pawapuri was one of twin capital of Malla Mahajanpad which later turned into the piece of Magadha Kingdom and was called "Madyama Pawa" or "Apawapuri", Ajatshatru, who was one of the best trains of Lord Mahavira, was the King of Magadh amid the lifetime of Mahavir. Amid the rule of Ajatshatru, Hastipal was the King of Pawapuri. At the point when Lord Mahavira came to Pawapuri he stayed in King Hastipal's "Rajikshala". Around fifth Century BCE, Mahavira, the remainder of the twenty-four Tirthankara accomplished Nirvana ormoksha (freedom). He was cremated at Pawapuri, otherwise called Apapuri (the righteous town). There was an awesome hurry to gather his fiery debris, with the outcome that so much soil was expelled from the spot of his cremation that a lake was made. Presently, a flawless marble sanctuary amidst a lotus lake, the Jal mandir, stands sublimely on a rectangular island. Another Jain sanctuary, called Samosharan is situated here, where the Lord Mahavira conveyed his last instructing.


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